Wash    £2.50
Fringe or Neck Tidy    £2.50
Dry Cut (up to 1″)   £18.00
Wet Cut (up to 1″)   £20.00
Re-Style (medium to short)   £25.00
Re-Style (long to short)   £30.00
Shampoo and Set   £15.00
Blow Dry (Short)   £18.50
Blow Dry (Medium)   £21.00
Blow Dry (Long)   £26.00
Cut and Blow Dry   £32.00
Cut, Shampoo and Set   £28.00
Re-Style and Finish (medium to short)   £38.00
Re-Style and Finish (long to short)   £40.00
Straightening Only   £12.00

For  coloured Mousse, lotions or thickeners please add an extra    £1.00

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a price for a hair up style? I have long hair and would like it put up into a side bun for a party I am going to. Could you give me an idea of how much this would cost please?

    thank you

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