0ur range of nail services for the feet

Pedicure                 1 hr   £17.50
French Polish   1 Hr 15 mins   £19.50

This treatment involves soaking the feet in a revitalizing foot  soak, cutting and shaping the nails, exfoliation and filing  of hard skin followed by an invigorating massage to the  foot. Finish up with your choice of creative nail  enhancement

Deluxe   Pedicure    1 Hr 15 Mins   £22.50
Same  as the Pedicure but heated booties are applied after  exfoliation to relax tired and aching feet. Finish up with  your choice of creative nail enhancement

Gel Manicure    Colour    30 mins  £20.00 

French               £25.00 

can last upto 9 weeks